It’s Official! CBD and Hemp are Legal in Texas

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In a victory for Texans who rely on CBD to relieve their symptoms, governor Greg Abbott has officially legalized CBD in Texas! This new law was signed last Monday and goes into immediate effect. Low-THC CBD products, defined as containing 0.3% THC by dry weight or less, are now unquestionably legal to use and sell.

Your CBD Store in Keller has been keeping a close eye on this legislation, and we are thrilled that there is no longer a legal gray area surrounding the legality of CBD (cannabidiol). Our customers no longer need to worry about persecution from legal authorities when they use our products. Our CBD is top quality and contains 0.3% THC or less. We publish our independent lab analyses online, so you never have to guess what you’re putting into your body when you purchase your CBD from us.

Why Did Texas Need This Law?

Before the new law passed, Texas had a confusing CBD policy. It still defined hemp and marijuana as the same substance, which left room for city officials to prosecute people for possessing CBD just as they would prosecute for possession of marijuana. While many police departments looked the other way when it came to non-psychoactive CBD, others, like Tarrant County and the DFW Airport authorities, were notoriously intolerant of it. Arrests and raids were carried out as recently as March of this year.

Texas needed this law to proclaim, once and for all, that CBD is legal to sell, possess and use here. Now citizens and shop owners can go about their lives in peace without having to worry about being arrested or having their products confiscated.


What Does This Mean Going Forward?

It means that you can consume your CBD at home, on the road, or anywhere you go without legal consequences in the state of Texas.   We see this as a major victory for Texans suffering from health problems that they do not or cannot use conventional medicine for. 

What About Hemp?

Hemp farming was also legalized with the passage of this law. This is great news for Texas farmers who felt they were missing out on lucrative opportunities because of the legal restrictions against hemp. Now they can take part in growing this cash crop and bringing more money to the Texas economy.

Your CBD Store in Keller: Legal CBD for What Ails You

We are thrilled with the latest legal victories in Texas, and we continue to watch the headlines to see what’s coming next. A bill to decriminalize carrying small amounts of marijuana failed to pass, but the new law legalizing hemp farming and CBD had sweeping bipartisan support. It is encouraging to see that the governor did not let stigma and misinformation keep him from approving CBD, a harmless plant product that so many people rely on for their daily comfort.