My health journey started six years ago after my twins were born.  The fogginess and fatigue of sleepless nights were not improving as the children got older and I became more irritable and emotional as time went on. Looking to find relief, I realized what had taken 30 years to develop inside me was not going to go away overnight. I began using essential oils and learned about organic foods and GMO’s, trying to research as much as I could.

After visiting Dr. Rector, a DO here locally, I started to have hope for the first time! I spent my time watching many documentaries, such as The Truth About Cancer, The Truth About Vaccines, I Thrive (about diabetes), GMO‘s revealed, The Skinny on Fat and The Sacred Plant, all leading me to care about what I put into my body. With each new bit of information, huge changes were made and it was as if pieces of a large puzzle were finally fitting together. I added supplements to my oils and diet, which began to help my PCOS, pre-diabetic and thyroid issues. Everything was heading in the right direction.

While I experienced great strides in my overall health, I was hearing a lot about CBD oil. I honestly didn’t think I needed it at first, but after just one week I was noticing great results! As an anti-inflammatory, CBD has helped me with stress and anxiety. I would often experience the rise inside my chest when everyone around me needed something and I just wanted to let it out. Now, the stress and anxiety are gone! I don’t lash out in anger at my family and feel the regret that often comes with harsh words and I have a lot more patience with my kids. As a business owner, I am able to maintain my health and stay strong so I’m not curled up in a ball after working long hours. I have been level-headed and able to complete all tasks while not getting run down or sick. I’m truly shocked at how the Water Soluble CBD has really made a difference in my life and I’m excited to see what it does for you!