Millions of people are about to take to the highways and skyways for holiday travel. It’s safe to assume many of them use CBD products, but is it legal to bring CBD onto a plane? What about driving with an open container of CBD in your car? At Your CBD Store in Keller, we want to make sure our customers are informed about all the laws pertaining to CBD use and transport so they can travel safely to their destinations with their CBD products in tow. If you ever have questions about our 100% natural and organic cannabidiol products, we’re always happy to answer them!

Here are the current guidelines for traveling with CBD in the United States.

Air Travel with CBD Products

People often wonder if they can bring CBD products onto a plane. As recently as early 2019, some airports were detaining flyers for having CBD oil in their purses – even at our own DFW International Airport! It’s hard to believe something as harmless as CBD could cause problems for travelers, but the laws governing its use and transport were still vague at that time.

Good news! The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has revamped its cannabis policy. It is now perfectly legal to travel with cannabidiol products that contain 0.3% THC or less. That includes all the products at Your CBD Store in Keller, and we can verify that fact with independent lab analyses of everything we sell. TSA agents will not restrict your travel or confiscate your CBD products.

Car Travel with CBD Products

If you’ll be making your holiday trek in the car, you have even less to worry about. CBD is now legal everywhere under federal law, so long as the THC content is at or below 0.3%. Because CBD doesn’t make you high, you don’t need to worry about having an open container of it in your vehicle and you don’t need to declare your possession of it if you get stopped. If you give an officer permission to search your vehicle, they should be aware that carrying CBD is not a ticketable offense.

Mass Transit Travel with CBD

The same rules apply to mass transit: hemp-derived cannabidiol with a legal amount of THC is fine to bring with you on trains and buses in the US. It’s just like bringing an over-the-counter medication with you, so you don’t have to worry about special packaging or declaring your products when you board. CBD won’t alter your mind or your behavior, and it could even make your holiday travel more tolerable!

The Best CBD Products to Travel With

There are plenty of portable options that will fit easily into a carry-on bag. If you’re an anxious traveler, try our flavored CBD tinctures or water-soluble additives so you can medicate while you hydrate. You can even snack on some discreet CBD gummy bears while you travel.

Will you be bringing your pets on your holiday road trip? If so, we have CBD-infused pet treats that could help them enjoy the ride. Just give your dogs some of the crunchy or chewy treats in bacon, beef, or lamb flavors. You can also add some of our pet-friendly CBD tincture to your dog’s or cat’s water during rest breaks. (Get your vet’s approval if your furry pal takes other medications.)

Your CBD Store in Keller: Happy Travels with High-Quality CBD!

As long as you’re traveling within the United States this holiday season, you’re free to bring your CBD with you. Always check the laws in other countries before you try to bring it through customs, though. Before you hit the road, be sure to stock up for your trip at Your CBD Store in Keller! We have everything you need to make your holiday travel go smoothly.