The Status of HB 1325: Hemp or No Hemp?

by | May 9, 2019 | News | 0 comments

There has been promising news on hemp  legalization in Texas and aligns us with the 2018 Farm bill! While many CBD enthusiasts have been optimistic about hemp’s future in the Lone Star State, Texas has disappointingly lagged behind other states when it comes to legalization. However, the Texas House’s passage of HB 1325 is a strong sign that things might be moving in the right direction.

What is HB 1325?

HB 1325 is a bill, introduced by State Representative Tracy King, that gives Texas farmers the right to grow hemp as a crop. Before the bill, hemp products could be sold in Texas, but it was illegal to grow the plant itself here.

Legalization of hemp farming would be a financial boom for Texas farmers. Kentucky has implemented a pilot program for hemp farming, and members who spoke before the Texas House reported hemp as being ten times more profitable than food crops.

Hemp is related to the marijuana plant, but overall the two plants differ greatly. Marijuana is the female plant, bred to obtain high THC levels and low CBD. On the other hand, the male counterpart plant is the industrial hemp plant. The hemp plant is high with CBD strands and contains low THC levels.  It is used to make a vast number of products, from rope to skin moisturizers, as well as CBD, which is a non-psychoactive compound used to ease pain and other conditions.

The bill also calls for the labeling of CBD products with a QR code that lets buyers access lab reports detailing exactly how much CBD the product contains. We at Your CBD Store were one of the first companies to implement the QR codes, always looking ahead to help our customers. 

Has the Bill Passed?

Yes! On April 23rd, the bill passed the Texas House with a unanimous vote of 144-0.

This is a huge step forward for hemp and CBD supporters. After passing through the House, HB 1325 now moves on to the Senate, where another vote will be held to decide if it passes into law.

Has the Senate Voted?

Not as of this writing. Witnesses testified before the Texas Senate on May 6th, but the Senate did not vote. It has been noted that all witnesses spoke in favor of the bill. No new date for the vote has been set, but the current Senate session ends on May 27th, so it is expected before then.


What About Lt. Governor Dan Patrick?

Long considered an opponent of marijuana and hemp legalization, Dan Patrick seems to have softened his stance when it comes to HB 1325. While he has not released a statement, State Senator Charles Perry revealed that Patrick’s hesitation isn’t due to reluctance, but to concern over the quality and consistency of the products.

Said Perry, “…mostly, he was wanting quality and consistency in product. And his comment to me directly was, ‘I want to make sure what consumers are buying is the real deal.'”

Perry’s concern stems from investigative reports from Florida and other locations where CBD products were tested and found to contain little to no CBD.

So Where Do We Stand?

For now, Texans are waiting for the Senate to vote, and for Patrick to make a statement of support or opposition. If a vote isn’t held before May 27th, it will be two years before the Senate can reconvene and vote on HB 1325.


Quality CBD Products Now

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