Our tinctures have been developed using elevated levels of CBD combined with a variety of beneficial elements including cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and essential amino acids. These products are meant to be taken as a sublingual drop that will absorb best when placed under the tongue. It can typically take about 45 minutes to an hour before the effects of these products are felt. 

Water Soluble

Our Water-Soluble CBD products are a high-quality, fast-acting treatment option. This oil and water mixture is specially developed to prevent separation, and the active compounds have been transformed into tiny emulsions to promote increased levels of bioavailability. The effects can be noticed as quickly as 5-7 minutes after consumption of the product, and using it is as easy as picking a flavor you enjoy before simply adding water.

Neuro Water Soluble

Description: CBG Rich 900 mg Water Soluble Neuro. This product has a unique CBG rich profile that works on a whole set of receptors that CBD may not interact with. This new exciting formulation still is surrounded by a liposome which will increase absorption rates. This exciting new cannabinoid is currently being studied for its unique anti-inflammatory properties in concert with CBD.

Topical Roll On With Lidocaine

Description: This over-the-counter (OTC) formula is designed to quickly absorb into the skin and provide pain relief wherever applied. A much healthier alternative to taking oral medications (due to their potential side effects and complications). While CBD works with the body’s CB2 receptors to have an anti-inflammatory effect, Lidocaine 4% blocks pain signals along the nerves and reduces pain or discomfort caused by irritations associated with arthritis, sprains, simple backache, muscle strains, cramps, bruises.

Face Cream

The wealth of vitamins and cannabinoids that can be found in products made with hemp, including CBD, has turned them into a fresh source of innovation for a variety of topical treatments. The benefits of CBD, including anti-inflammatory properties, offers a potential for relief and wellness that can’t be found in other moisturizers or lotions. Thanks to the powerful synergy between holistic treatment and state-of-the-art technology, we are proud to offer a convenient product that stands apart from anything else on the market. 

Lip Balm

When you’re stuck in a situation where you might need a small, discreet amount of CBD, our lip balm can be the perfect answer. Formulated with the needs of an active lifestyle in mind, this specially formulated series of products takes advantage of your body’s endocannabinoid system to give you a CBD boost while also providing the moisturization and comfort your lips need.


An effective alternative for over-the-counter pain relief, edibles can be a wonderful addition to your daily CBD routine. The chewables we offer are formulated using a broad-spectrum formula that has been combined with cane sugar grown organically. There is a range of different choices available to meet the unique taste and health concerns of each of our customers.

Topical Creams

For individuals who need fast relief in a certain part of the body, our series of topical pain creams are a great choice. By combining a unique blend of carrier oils, MSM, and our water-soluble formula containing 35% phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil, these products rapidly absorb into the skin. If you are looking for an alternative to mainstream choices for localized anti-inflammatory or pain-relief treatment options, this series of topical creams may be just the thing you’ve been looking for.

Daytime Moisturizer

Our line of moisturizers is specially formulated to meet the needs of individuals who have concerns about the general condition and health of their skin. Quite a few groups have started to turn their attention towards CBD and hemp thanks to the potent blend of vitamins and cannabinoids these plants contain. More and more people have been speaking out about the relief they have experienced from various skin conditions thanks to topical treatments containing CBD. With the help of modern technology, we have developed a safe, natural formula that is the basis for a convenient and easy to use moisturizing cream.

Nighttime Serum

Take advantage of your downtime and help your skin get a head start on the recovery process. Products made with hemp contain a potent mixture of natural vitamins and cannabinoids including CBD that have reportedly been linked to a variety of restorative applications. By applying this special serum just before bed, you can help your skin heal and grow healthily as a part of your normal sleep cycle.

Water Soluble Capsules

For individuals who want to stay fully informed about their exact dosage levels, our broad-spectrum soft gels offer an ideal solution. Our capsules are specially designed using a broad-spectrum liquid water-soluble solution. While other groups have focused on the extraction of CBD exclusively, we have designed a process to extract THC. This means that all the other beneficial elements of our organically grown hemp are still in the final product. A regular daily dosage is typically between 1 to 4 capsules based on the specific situation of each individual.

Pumpkin Spice

Tincture 0 THC – Pumpkin Spice 750mg

CBD Bacon Treats

Quite a few veterinarians and pet owners who have concerns about the health of their furry friends have started to look to the potential of CBD products. To answer these concerns, we have created a special recipe that is carefully formulated to help your best friend enjoy the benefits of CBD. The treats have a taste that animals are sure to enjoy and can be an effective means of giving them relief from a variety of specific ailments. 

Bath Bombs

For those times when you just want to soak away the stress of a tough day, our bath products are a wonderful solution. By taking advantage of the oils that are an active component in respiratory products, our bath products provide a natural form of therapy for a variety of ailments. By combining the power of aromatherapy with CBD, we have created a unique combination that can boost the potential effects.


Is all CBD oil the same?

The answer is no. We track all our CBD from soil to oil and there is third-party lab testing on all products; so you know exactly what it says on the bottle is what you receive in the bottle. There are a lot of risks associated when purchasing online, a gas station or a vape shop. You don’t know what your getting or where its coming from. Swing by Your CBD Store Keller and talk to one of our knowledgeable staff members to help guide you through where it comes from so you know exactly what your getting, and what your getting is high quality CBD.

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