Medical cannabis and hemp are on track to be a $22 billion industry by 2020, and new advances are emerging every day. With so much money at stake, it’s little wonder distributors are eager to find new uses and new delivery systems for CBD.

One new product Your CBD Store in Keller is excited to share is water soluble CBD oil. These one-of-a-kind drops can be added to your water-based beverage to give you a discrete dose on the go. We’ve all been taught that oil and water don’t mix, so how is this possible? Let’s take a closer look at water soluble CBD and how it works.

How It Works

To understand how CBD oil can mix with water, we have to start at the molecular level. Nano-emulsifiers take oil and water and allow them to blend together into microscopic droplets (25 nanometers in size compared to 100-5,000 nanometer oil droplets). This makes it much easier for water soluble CBD droplets to pass through the stomach lining and into the bloodstream. It does not have to be digested first like edibles and fat-soluble oils do.

Water Soluble CBD Has the Following Benefits:

  • It’s portable. Take it with you anywhere you can bring a drink.
  • Greater absorption. Can permeate your tissues easier than oil.
  • Greater bioavailability. Because it doesn’t have to be digested, you get a potent dose.
  • Greater effectiveness. 10mg is like effectively taking 40 mg and 20mg is effectively like taking 80mg.
  • Fast effects. Customers compare the swift onset to that of vaping. 


How to Use Water Soluble CBD

Water soluble CBD drops are very versatile. They can be placed in most beverages like coffee, water, juice, or tea (not carbonated drinks). Simply choose your dosage and drip the CBD into the liquid. Drink and enjoy the benefits of CBD anytime, anywhere! Our customers appreciate the fast effects from a delivery system that doesn’t require them to inhale anything.

Your CBD Store in Keller offers Sun Med liquid water soluble CBD oil in 300 mg, 600 mg and 900 mg strengths. These drops come in for fun flavors: great, piña colada, strawberry lime, and natural (which has a mild herbal taste). You’ll never have to worry about people watching you vape or take pills in public. Take your CBD with you in your favorite drink container so that you’ll have it when you need it, wherever you are.

Drinking the water soluble drops in a water-based liquid will let you absorb the CBD faster, but if you don’t mind waiting a little longer to digest, you can also use the drops in foods to create your own edibles. This way, you can customize the flavors and quantity. If topical CBD is more to your liking, use them in your favorite lotions and creams and apply to the skin.



Come to Your CBD Store in Keller for Sunmed Water Soluble CBD

We carry CBD products to suit every client’s needs. Our products are independently lab tested so you know you’re getting real CBD in the amounts specified on the label. Our edibles and gummies can be taken just like gummy vitamins, and we even have personal care items and topical CBD products. We only sell you the highest-quality CBD, and our customers give it rave reviews. Check out our testimonies page for videos of our customer’s stories.

The CBD industry is moving fast, and Your CBD Store in Keller works hard to stay on top of current trends and advances. We like to keep our customers informed about the latest products available to them, so be sure to check our blog frequently for the latest CBD news.