Smoking is a tough habit to let go of, especially if you’ve been smoking for a very long time. Products have been made to ease the difficulty of quitting, but many smokers still don’t find them to be helpful. Recently, CBD has been utilized during the process of quitting, and many ex-smokers have found this cannabinoid to be helpful in their difficult transition phases. 

Why it’s so Hard to Stop Smoking

Nicotine addiction comes with many side effects to your body and mind. When you’re addicted to nicotine, quitting cold turkey can shock your system and cause mental and physical withdrawal symptoms. Cigarette smokers may also be addicted to the action of smoking, and they might have an emotional attachment to their habit. An important part of quitting is to establish new, healthy habits in place of your smoking habit. Without distractions and healthy alternatives, smokers might be overwhelmed by withdrawal symptoms. Quitting cigarettes is a long, painful process, which is why smokers need to have a support system before deciding to quit.

Symptoms of Nicotine Withdrawal

Nicotine withdrawals can last for up to a month, and mental withdrawals can continue for more than three months. After a few hours without smoking, you might already develop anxiety and a headache. The worst days of withdrawals might include depression, irritability, coughing, nausea, brain fog, and muscle cramps. Your physical symptoms should go away within a month, but it takes at least three months for your brain’s chemicals to readjust after you quit smoking. This means you could experience anxiety, irritability, depression, strong cravings, and insomnia for about three months after your last cigarette. Certain medications might help with these symptoms, but you’ll still be riding your withdrawals out for a long time.

Does CBD Help You Quit Smoking?

As CBD becomes more widely available, new stories and experiences are being shared among the CBD community. Though not confirmed by research, many people claim they had less severe withdrawals with the regular use of CBD. Nobody knows how true this is, but it might have to do with the dosing.

CBD is available in vape cartridges which can be used to recreate the smoking process without nicotine. Some CBD users even smoke CBD in joints, which some find to be very similar to smoking cigarettes. These dosing methods might be useful to anyone trying to quit smoking, but you should always talk to your doctor before you quit smoking and before you use CBD. 

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