Did you know that what you eat can affect the way your body absorbs vitamins and medications? Vitamin D, for example, is a fat-soluble vitamin. It needs to be taken with a bit of fat so your body can absorb it, which is why you often see vitamin D in milk and other dairy products. What about CBD? Will eating fatty foods help your body absorb and use CBD better?

According to a new study by the University of Minnesota, it can definitely help.

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The Study

The study, co-authored by Angela Birnbaum and Ilo Leppik, measured the concentration of CBD in people who took their dose after eating a high-fat breakfast, and compared it to the concentration of CBD in people who dosed after fasting. The subjects used pure CBD in capsule form.

The Findings

The subjects who took CBD after eating a fatty breakfast had four times the amount of CBD in their bodies as the fasting subjects. The people who ate a high-fat breakfast also had maximum amounts of CBD in their systems that were 14 times higher than the fasting group. However, the study noted no mental differences in the subjects, regardless of whether they ate with the CBD or not.

The Bottom Line

It appears that fatty foods can help people absorb CBD more efficiently and retain it longer. This is good news for people who use CBD regularly. They might be able to eat a higher-fat diet and go longer between doses, saving themselves a little money on their medication. If you have medical conditions, be sure to talk to your doctor before adding CBD to your regimen to make sure it won’t interact with the drugs you already take.

A Healthier Approach

The study measured CBD levels following fatty breakfast foods such as breakfast burritos, but there are healthier ways to incorporate more fat into your diet. Foods high in unsaturated fat and Omega-3 fatty acids are healthier for your heart than bacon and burgers. Try salmon, olive oil, nuts and seeds, avocados, and eggs. If your goal in using CBD is to create a healthier version of yourself, it never hurts to adopt a healthier diet while you’re at it.

CBD Delivery Systems

Further testing is needed to find out if sublingual oils keep more CBD in your body than non-fat delivery systems. Our clients swear by our high-quality products. We offer CBD oil, water solubles, gummies, lotions, bath products, pet supplements, and much more. Guests are always welcome to stop by our store in Keller and browse through our offerings. We’re always on hand to tell you more about a product or answer your questions about dosing.

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