More people are embracing CBD products than ever before, thanks to laws that finally clear up the status of CBD’s legality. It’s in the headlines, on grocery store shelves, and in the medicine cabinets and pantries of numerous people who want a holistic remedy for what ails them. But who are these people, exactly? A new consumer poll by Acosta Sales & Marketing sheds some light on the demographics whose demand is driving the multi-billion-dollar CBD industry.

The report, titled “The CBD Effect: A Rapidly Emerging Consumer Trend”, was published this month with the goal of identifying the groups that buy the most CBD products. It gives some interesting and valuable insight into who’s trying CBD, who isn’t, and why.

The Demographics

By and large, the most frequent consumer of CBD products is young, male, and well-educated. They are optimistic about CBD’s possibilities, but wish more studies were available. Most purchases are planned transactions rather than impulse buys.

That’s just a sketch of the most common consumer who responded to the poll. Here is a breakdown of the numbers from Acosta’s research:

  • 56% of CBD users are Millennials, 32% are from Generation X, and 15% are Baby Boomers.
  • 48% are men and 28% are women.
  • 49% have a bachelor’s degree.
  • 61% of Millennials want to improve their mental health.
  • 67% of GenXers and Baby Boomers are seeking help for their joint pain.
  • 26% of non-consumers who want to try CBD cite price as a barrier.
  • 10% of pet owners have bought CBD products for their pets.
  • Of those, 52% did so on a veterinarian’s recommendation.
  • Among pet owners, 48% purchased pet chew treats, followed by oil (27%), capsules (14%), and topical creams (9%).

According to Colin Stewart, senior vice president of business intelligence at Acosta, “Consumer CBD sales are expected to reach $20 billion by 2024, larger than the current annual sales of candy, gum and mints combined.” You can download and view the full report here.

The Takeaway

At Your CBD Store in Keller, we find this report encouraging. People from different generations are becoming more open-minded about the place of CBD in their daily regimens and those of their pets. CBD is non-psychoactive and non-addictive. It does not produce a high, and it does no harm to people or animals when used as advised.

While more studies are being done every day, it’s true that information is still very limited. That’s why it’s crucial to source your CBD from a supplier you can trust, like Your CBD Store in Keller. We follow each product “from soil to oil”, which means we know exactly what every product contains. All our CBD products are independently lab tested, and the results are available to the public. You never have to worry about ingesting unnatural additives or paying for CBD that isn’t present in the concentrations advertised. We operate with honesty and integrity. Come by our shop in Keller any time you want to browse or ask questions!

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