We know how much it sucks to be stuck at home. If you’re working, schooling, or raising kids while following social distancing orders, you might already be going stir-crazy. Fortunately, this time at home could be the perfect time to test some new CBD products. One silver lining of this time at home is that you have the opportunity to experiment and find a product you love! Here’s a list of 5 of our favorite products that could make your time in isolation a little more tolerable.

Water-Soluble CBD

This unique tincture is designed not to separate when added to water-based liquids. If you’d like to dose your daily CBD in your morning coffee or an afternoon smoothie, this might be the perfect product for you! This is a quick, convenient way to put CBD into your daily routine. Just choose a flavor you enjoy and add a few drops to any drink you’d like!

CBD Bath Bombs

These little guys are great for washing away the stress of a long day. With 100mg of CBD in every bath bomb, you’ll love taking a soak with this product in your tub. This is the perfect way to treat yourself with a luxurious, soothing bath that smells great. Take the time out of your day to treat yourself with one of our CBD bath bombs. You deserve it! 

Broad-Spectrum CBD Topical Cream

If you want fast-acting CBD for one part of your body, this topical cream might be just what you need. When you massage our broad-spectrum CBD cream into your skin, it’ll absorb fast and leave your skin silky smooth. 

Broad-Spectrum CBD Gummy Treats

If you want to satisfy your sweet tooth and dose CBD at the same time, look no further than our tasty CBD gummy treats. Just choose the flavor you want and snack away whenever you need a fix of CBD. These gummies are a great way to incorporate CBD into your daily routine, and you’re sure to find them in a flavor you love. Our CBD gummies combine THC-free CBD with organically grown cane sugar, so you know you’re putting only the best into your body. The only problem you’ll have with these gummies is trying not to eat them all in one sitting!

CBD Dog Treats

Is your dog starting to get antsy from staying in more? Treat them to one of our favorite products: Bacon CBD dog treats! These snacks are carefully formulated to be safe and tasty for your furry friends! With 0% THC, you can feel good about giving these delicious treats to your dog. 

Find Your Perfect Product at Your CBD Store in Keller

If you’re going a little stir-crazy in your home, take this time to test our wide range of products at Your CBD Store in Keller! We know some of our clients can’t go without our products, so we’re staying open with curbside service for first-timers and experienced users alike. Feel free to browse our wide range of products on our website, and call us with any questions. We’re always happy to help you find your perfect organic CBD product!